Why Gift cards are a great idea to use?

Gift cards are good idea to giving someone and tell the person to spend it on a specific date. In this article, we will tell you why you should use Gift cards and why Gift cards are a great idea to use.

For example, you have some kids in the house, and they want to have some money to spend on the video games, groceries, buying some books or better to say, they want to have entertainments and you have much money on your credit cards.

So, you can’t give the full credit cards access to your kids, maybe they spend it all at one time. So you lose a lot of money. It’s better to use a gift card credit card in this situation.

Why Gift cards are a great idea to use?

  • 100% prepayment Gift cards for the goods. The customer makes an advance payment for the goods, which will be picked up later by the person to whom the gift card will be handed.
  • According to statistics, up to 30% of the values ​​of sold cards remain unspent by customers.
  • Reducing the cost of providing discounts – when buying goods with a gift card, usually a discount is not provided.
  • 58% of buyers do not spend money on a card during the first month, providing a free credit to the store
A gift card for the customers is:
  • A great opportunity to make only the desired gift
  • the opportunity to save time on choosing and buying a gift
  • buy a gift in advance, and it will not lose relevance
  • A guarantee that you will never give what a person already has
How are gift cards different from credits?
  • minimal risk of fraud a Gift cards
  • The ability to spend the value of the card gradually, as well as replenish the Gift cards
  • low costs of Gift cards
  • Convenience and speed of sale
  • Wide functionality for marketing
  • Prompt and reliable financial reporting, accounting and use of the prepayment made.

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