How do magnetic strips protect information?

magnetic stripe protect

How do a barcode and magnetic stripe protect the information? you may have some questions in this regard and we would try to answer them in this post from ariadcard.

What do you think about the difference between a barcode and magnetic tape? Why should it be so important? After making a decision, you need to consider a few things to choose the best option. In this post, we would talk about this question.

Both barcodes and magnetic stripes function to store data: barcodes store data optically in their varied-width lines and spaces between them, while magnetic stripes store data magnetically, as their name would suggest.

However, the difference between them that is most relevant to MINDBODY clients lies in how they are read and what equipment is needed to use them. Barcodes are read by scanning them with a barcode scanner.

Magstripes are read by swiping them through a magnetic card reader, such as those ones which use to read the credit cards.

The factors you need to be considered when choosing the membership cards are the ease of use, required hardware, and the final cost.

Let’s talk about ease of use. If you’re ordering membership cards, quickly scanning a barcode for every client that walks through the door will prove more efficient than swiping the card through a magnetic reader.

To that end, if you plan to set up a self-sign-in station for your clients to utilize their membership cards without assistance from the front desk staff, then scanning a barcode will very likely be an easier action to complete autonomously than swiping a card. Whatever your planned check-in method, if you’re looking to streamline the process, a barcode is the way to go.

On the other hand, the size of the gift cards may not be implemented in your system, so whether you examine a barcode or move a magstripe, the return may not be a problem.

Depending on what you already have, you can choose barcode or magnetic stripe.

If you have a credit card reader, you can print a magnetic stripe, if you have a scanner, you may want to take a barcode. Whether this is the case, or you buy a new piece of hardware to make use of your cards, make sure you keep the total price.

No matter which you choose to print on your cards, both a barcode and a magnetic stripe will do the exact same work for you.

Think about how you want to run that card through your system, what hardware you already have or will need to buy, etc., to determine which solution works best for you.

No matter which you print on your cards, both a barcode and a magnetic tape will do the same for you. You should think about how you want to run a card from your system? What do you need? What items do you need? to determine the solution.

How Magnetic Stripes & Barcodes Work

RapidIdentity MFA manages the lifecycle of both magnetic stripe and barcode technology, and the selection of PINs by users.

The common workflow for magnetic stripe and barcode technology requires the user to present his or her card to a connected magnetic stripe or barcode reader. RapidIdentity MFA then identifies the user’s information and requests the user to enter the PIN associated with the card.

Once the user enters his or her PIN, RapidIdentity MFA validates the two components, and the user is permitted access to the operating system or application.

Magnetic Stripe & 2D Barcode Benefits

  • It can quickly identify the user
  • Significantly more secure than username/password
  • Leverages existing card
  • Supports both high coercivity (Hi-Co) and a low coercivity (Lo-Co) magnetic stripe cards
  • can use the reader’s technologies

In this post, we try to say more about how do a barcode and magnetic stripe protect the information and 2D barcode Benefits for you. If you have any questions about this post please leave your comment.

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