How the lamination of cards protect them?

Do you know how to protect your ID card from being eroded?

How the lamination of cards protect them?

The clear films which called overlays will protect your cards and will extend the PVC cards’ life by sealing the surface against abrasion, exposure to chemicals and elements than regular non-laminated cards.

When do we add this protective layer?

During the card making process by the laminating machine, two clear film layers are placed during the layering. After layering the PVC sheets and protective layers (overlays), we put them into the laminator machine in the high pressure and high temperature and after a certain time, a solid body leaves the machine.
Generally, this process is done in two steps: first, the PVC sheets are printed and then the overlay films applied on both sides of the front and back of these sheets, and finally, they will be placed in laminator machine at very high temperatures and pressure.
There are hot rollers in laminators that provide temperatures in the range of 2500-380° F or 150-200 °C. At such temperatures, laminating machines stick the laminating material to the PVC card.
As a result, the lamination is a process that is performed by pressure and heat on the PVC layers and creates a permanent protective layer on PVC cards.

Why plastic cards need lamination?

1-The first and most important item is to increase the life of the PVC card, the protective layer will increase the durability and strength of the card.
2- Laminating helps you look professional for a longer period of time.
3-Laminate Protects prints and images on a plastic card. It’s like putting your card in a sealed bag or a protective box.
4- And the last one can be cost savings to replace more cards, because laminates make the Plastic cards more durable, have fewer scratches, fade and stay cleaner, which means you have to replace the cards less.
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