Security Cards

Security Cards

To solve the problem of counterfeiting all kinds of cards, especially ID cards, Ariadcard offers a variety of factory-printed anti-counterfeiting and anti-fraud solutions that make protecting the smart cards , identification cards and proximity cards  from fraudulent .


UV printing

Ariadcard’s  UV printing service allows custom text or graphics that are invisible to the naked eye to be added to an identification card. When the card is viewed under black light, the text will appear, verifying the card’s authenticity.


Micro Text

Micro text uses extremely detailed printing that is virtually unnoticeable to prevent unauthorized scanning or copying of identification cards.

Micro text can be added to a card as simple text or can be incorporated into a design, and is verifiable through a microscope or magnifying glass.


Digital Photos

Photographs are the most basic security feature that we can add to the ID card, because they offer an easy way to quickly confirm a person’s identity. While photos help reduce the possibility of fraud, they are not foolproof as photographs can be replicated using optical scanners and copiers. They are a good first line of security, nonetheless.



Holograms are 3D images that add many different types visual security elements to the ID cards, allowing for quick visual authentication. Holograms are added to ID cards by way of holographic laminates. Holograms are thin transparent films that contain holographic images, text and patterns. Holograms typically become visible or transform when tilted or viewed at certain angles.


Ghost image

A “ghost image” is a smaller, semi-transparent copy of a photograph or image printed elsewhere on the ID card. These half-translucent images are made possible by changing the opacity of the 2nd smaller photo on the ID card software prior to printing.

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