plastic card

plastic card
What is the application of each HICO and LOCO magnetic stripe cards?

Magnetic stripe PVC cards are in CR80 standard size and the back of these cards contain a strip in which the data has been embedded in iron particles in a plastic film. Whenever the electronic reader moves through a slot, the data on the magnetic stripe will be decoded and…

How the lamination of cards protect them?

The clear films which called overlays will protect your cards and will extend the PVC cards’ life by sealing the surface against abrasion, exposure to chemicals and elements than regular non-laminated cards.

The Importance of Business Cards for Businesses

Business cards keep you in the mind of the customer and when the customer needs your business services, it is when he finds your card in his pocket.

Increase your sales with loyalty cards

Loyalty card can be an encouraging program for consumers. Lots of major retailers today consider a loyalty program as an effective way to encourage customers to buy more and continue to operate.

Benefits of Membership Loyalty Cards for Marketing Development

Loyalty cards look like plastic credit cards and usually have a barcode or magnetic stripe, and some of them have chips to store customer information inside the card. Businesses use these stored data on a card to help a retailer understand and influence customers’ shopping habits.

Why Gift cards are a great idea to use?

Gift cards are good idea to giving someone and tell the person to spend it on a specific date. In this article, we will tell you why you should use Gift cards and why Gift cards are a great idea to use.

Why a gift card is the best gift?

Gift Cards are a great gift idea! Every time there is a need to choose a present and surprise a loved one, there is a fear not to please, lack of time to go shopping for a truly unique and useful thing. It is in such cases, a win-win option…

Why do all business owners need to build a customer loyalty program by Gift Cards?

Gift Cards are now issued not only by all retail stores including bookstores, cosmetics stores, superstores, hypermarkets even many medical centers have them.

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