What information should ID badges have?

The ID badge is an essential card for entering areas with automatic control. This card was first used in 1960. What information should the ID badge have? In the following, we will explain the important information in the ID to you.

What information should ID badges have?

The employee ID badge is one of the most important features of organizations. Employee ID badge increases the security of the organization. Many people are faced with the question of what information should the ID badges have when preparing the ID badge? Or what information should be provided before receiving the card? For this reason, you must first provide a list of important information.

Your ID badge must be designed in such a way that all your identity information is included. Of course, the name of the employee and the image is on the ID badge, but what else should be on this card?

Different ideas for ID badge design

Here is some of the information you need to enter on your card. You may be confused about the design of your card. Here are some things you can do in front and back of your card:

  • Company logo: Putting the company’s logo on the card is a confirmation of the person’s cooperation with that company.
  • Company contact number: To verify the identity of this employee, you can inquire from the company. If the card is found, the card can be returned to its owner by contacting the company.
  • Cardholder name, Picture, Signature
  • Title (for example, marketer, finance manager, economic analyst, etc.)
  • ID number
  • Issue date
  • Membership Date
  • Cardholder identification information
  • Card replacement information
  • Information related to returning a lost card

It should be noted that when adding different sections to your ID badge, the use of a lot of information and data does not seem very interesting. In addition to confusing the appearance of the card, the various identity sections make it difficult to identify the individual. To reduce the extra information, you can put your fingerprint on the card.

Another thing to keep in mind is security. For example, you should avoid writing private information on your ID badge. Because the card is lost, you may run into serious problems.

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