What is the application of each HICO and LOCO magnetic stripe cards?

Magnetic stripe PVC cards are in CR80 standard size and the back of these cards contain a strip in which the data has been embedded in iron particles in a plastic film. Whenever the electronic reader moves through a slot, the data on the magnetic stripe will be decoded and the transaction or achievement of the effort will be confirmed or denied.

what is the application of each HICO and LOCO magnetic stripe cards?

We all have seen a long black stripe on top of our bank or the other type of PVC cards , This black tape  is the part where all your data is stored by the magnetism field.

The magnetic tape on HICO and LOCO Magnetic stripe cards is made up of a large number of minutes of iron-based particles that are placed on a stripe of magnetic material in which data is stored by changing the magnetism of those particles.

Where do HICO and LOCO come from?

HICO cards have a long life for recurring use, and LOCO cards are best used for infrequent uses or somewhere the data often changes on the card, such as gift cards you receive at supermarkets.

Coercivity means how resistant the particles in the magnetic tape are, or in other words, how strong the magnetic tape is.

For measuring coercively Scientists use the unit, Oersted (Oe) and HICO cards can reach up to 4000 Oe, while LOCO cards are around 300 Oe. The credit cards we use are around 2750 Oe.

Features of HICO Cards

  • It is very difficult to erase the data on these cards
  • Data recording takes a lot more magnetic energy
  • Long lasting and Very durable
  • These cards can be easily read via any magnetic stripe reader
  • Buying a HICO card encoders are more expensive than LOCO cards, but they can write for any type of card.
  • HICO cards are much more resistant to damage even when in contact with magnets

Features of LOCO Cards

  • These cards are far more easily damaged by any kind of magnetic contact and are not as long-lasting
  • These cards can easily be read by any card reader Just like HICO cards
  • Far less magnetic energy is required to record the data onto one of these cards
  • Buying a card encoder for LOCO cards is cheaper than for HICO

As long as we need a card where it’s easy to change the data as often as we need to, LOCO cards are the best choose. We can find them being used for phone cards, hotel key cards, gift cards, transport cards and more.

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