Why do all business owners need to build a customer loyalty program by Gift Cards?

Why do all business owners need to build a customer loyalty program by Gift Cards?

Gift Cards are now issued not only by all retail stores including bookstores, cosmetics stores, superstores, hypermarkets even many medical centers have them. Although the decision to offer your customers gift cards for goods or services may seem like a banal move, this marketing trick is well understood. And the data that the statistics managed to accumulate convincingly speak in favour of the fact that every business planning its development should have Gift Cards.

There are many types of PVC plastic gift card that can be ordered easily by the customers of each business.


1. It is estimated that in retail stores selling gift cards increases revenue by an average of 25%.

2. On average, no more than 70% of the assigned gift cards are used. That is, out of 100 Cards sold, approximately 30 will never be used! But they have made a positive effect on the customer’s mindset

3. Customers who decide to use a gift card, as a rule, pay an average of 34% of the cost to make a purchase for a large amount.

4. Gift cards are a form of an interest-free loan. After all, it is paid immediately and is used after a while, sometimes after a few months.

5. Many people prefer to give gift cards, not just money. Especially if they share the ideals and mission of your business, as well as if the gift card is elegantly designed and printed.

6. Gift cards allow you to give impressions, not things , actually when choosing a gift for the minimalists and those “who have everything”.

7. Gift cards cooperate well with promotions, as well as with marketing activities. For example, a cosmetics store may offer customers a card for a massage session at a partner salon, both will benefit.

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